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Hello, Verse โ€‹

rxelms is a web3 based, decentralized, cross-chain virtual world being built on the Algorand blockchain using the Unity gaming engine. The team behind rxelms has been working on the project for the past 10 months.


What is a web3 based virtual world? โ€‹

Firstly, what is web3? Web3, generally speaking, is a version of the world-wide-web that utilizes blockchain technology, decentralization, and token-based economies. So a web3 virtual world would also utilize these properties; rxelms is a web3 based virtual world.

Overview โ€‹

The name rxelms is an off-spelling of the word realms and represents the concept of multiple, mini-virtual-worlds. We've partnered with over 70, sold-out NFT projects from multiple blockchains. Each partner project will have their own rxelm built in the theme of their project along with their project's characters.

Weโ€™re starting off with 99 rxelms (mini-worlds) but thereโ€™s no limit on the amount of rxelms we can have. As the project grows, so will the amount of rxelms, the only constant will be the amount of spaces. Spaces are sections of the world that can be owned by anyone. There will only ever be 99,999 spaces inside rxelms, spaces are not fixed in place, at some point in the evolution of rxelms weโ€™ll allow rxelminians (space owners) to move their spaces to new rxelms.

All spaces are the same size, they can be owned, managed, and customized. All spaces will be minted as non-fungible-tokens (NFTs). All spaces will follow the same rules and limitations in terms of what can be created inside them by the space owner. Each space will be assigned to a building inside a rxelm, similar to how you would have multiple apartments inside a building.

Every asset/object inside the spaces system is an NFT. We will not allow non-NFT based assets to enter the ecosystem; if you want a plant to decorate your space, it will need to be an NFT based plant. You can learn more about how this is going to work in the creator economy section of the documentation.

The rxelms project is a complex one; we aim to be a base model for the building of an ownership-based, digital world. We plan to take the concept of digital ownership to the next level. Throughout this documentation, we'll explain how big this project can become because of our NFT-only model, we think the only fair comparison to the potential scope of the project is the actual physical world.

The NIKO Force โ€‹

The project's mantra, and the name of the official rxelms currencyโ€” "NIKO" translates from Greek to 'victory for the people'.

๐Ÿ˜„ This overview is perfect for a quick understanding, but if you're curious, there are more detailed topics available. Dive in to explore the project further! ๐Ÿ˜„ โ€‹