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Creator Economy


Assets for Spaces

Community members will be able to create their own assets. Once a community created asset is approved by the rxelms team, it can be used inside rxelms. We will provide a 'mint as you go' system for these assets, along with two options for asset distribution.

The first option will be a whitelist system, where creators can enter wallet addresses on to a whitelist allowing anyone on the list to claim the NFT-based asset. Once the claim is issued, it will be automatically created and sent to the person's wallet. There will be a minting fee of 1 ALGO to cover the cost of creation and storage.

The second option would be to list the approved asset directly for sale on our marketplace. This option will also use our 'mint as you go' system. In both cases, creators will need to choose the amount of creations that can occur for a specific asset. This will allow scarcity to play a role in the creator economy of rxelms. Documentation and guides will be available for creators who wish to participate.

Participation Rewards

A portion of NIKO will be used to incentivise participation, we’ll run creator competitions, bounty programs and play2earn programs. One of the areas of development that we’ll be encouraging is the creation of interactive assets that connect to the blockchain. All code written for interactive assets will need to be open sourced so other creators will be able to incorporate the code into their own assets. This will help to build a culture of working together for the greater good.

Creator Economy Cont.

We’ll also provide a forum for community members to offer work to creators. Let’s say somebody owns a space, and they want to put on an art exhibition to showcase their NFTs. They’ve already added a system where people can buy the art directly from their in-game gallery but they would also like to have a way to show if an artwork has sold or is still available for sale. This person may choose to create a job advertisement:

Advert: I would like someone to create a placard that can be placed next to multiple artworks in my gallery that connects to the blockchain. If an artwork sells then I would like the placard to change from saying ‘For sale’ to ‘Sold’.

Offer: 200,000 NIKO

The person advertising this job can also decide how many of these placards can be minted, they may decide to allow them to be minted 10,000 times, they could then list all of the placards they didn’t use in their own exhibition for sale, they could even list the placards they did use after the exhibition is over if they decided they didn’t need them anymore.

Creators that get good at building for rxelms will start to get a reputation for building good products, we’ll provide a place for customers to leave reviews. Creators with lots of good reviews will move up the creator list, in the same way companies like Amazon do it. Maybe there’s a creator that specialises in creating NFT based sound systems and overtime forms a brand. There could be another creator that has built a shop using one of our shop templates or a community made shop template, and then decides to only sell items from reputable brands. Eventually we’re going to incentivise buying in-game rather than via our marketplace.

NFTs Only

Only allowing NFT based assets to enter rxelms may be the start of a thriving creator economy. By not letting non-NFT assets into the ecosystem, we think the demand for the creation of NFT assets will be high and continue to grow as we bring in more people to the ecosystem. People won’t be able to use ‘counterfeit’ assets in rxelms. Every asset you will see in the builder/spaces system will be NFT based. We’ll be using NIKO to kick start the creator economy.

Commercial Enterprises

People and organisations will eventually have the option to have a business inside a rxelm, it could be things like a retail outlet, bar, restaurant or even things like a music festival. We’ll provide templates so that anyone wanting to sell a product in rxelms can set up an outlet for this to happen. Project leads that have been assigned a rxelm will be able to add their own businesses to their rxelm with little oversight but for community members that have not been assigned a rxelm, things will work a little differently.

If you’re a person or organisation wanting to have a business in rxelms then you will need permission from a rxelm project lead. We’ll provide a system where individual rxelm managers can choose from a selection of businesses that can be added to their rxelm, we also plan to provide a system that will allow negotiations to take place between the rxelm manager and the business owner. Initially there’ll be 2 options, a lease and a revenue sharing model, we’ll also provide a decentralised model for negotiations to take place between the rxelm manager and the prospective business owner. All revenue will go to the business owner and the NFT project that the business is in.

The business system will be part of the builder system, people and organisations will be able to load in shop templates, the templates will include the option to add functions like a buy button that can be placed over items or a pop UI to explain something to a potential customer. Over-time the amount of functions that can be added to a shop will increase along with the complexity of the functions. For prospective business owners, setting up a business in rxelms may not be as simple as it sounds, if you want your shop to look nice, have decorations, a till, lighting, etc, then you’re going to need to acquire those items, they will need to be NFT based items. Overtime we think there’s a possibility rxelms will start to attract bigger and bigger organisations. One day we may see big organisations/businesses popping up in a rxelm and they may want to make their outlet special, meaning they would probably have to aquire a lot of NFT based assets from the creator economy. Please just take a minute to let that sink in.


All voting property owners will receive a weekly amount of NIKO automatically sent to their wallet. Unconditional Universal Basic Income is something we will introduce shortly after the first sale of spaces. Initially, it will just be a matter of holding the property in your wallet, but eventually, it will require the owners to vote.

In-Game Advertising

We plan to include a decentralised model to create advertising revenue for each partner project. Projects can first decide whether they will allow advertising in their rxelm or not; rxelms that choose to allow advertising will be listed in the advertising section of our website. Advertisers will be able to view metrics on things like daily user activity within a specific rxelm, popular areas of an individual rxelm in relation to ad space. Advertisers wishing to purchase contracts will need to do so in NIKO, individual rxelms will set their own prices. All revenue generated through advertising will go to the individual rxelm where the ad is placed.

We expect the rxelms project as a whole to benefit from this program, adding another use case for NIKO and also encouraging projects to make their rxelms attractive to advertisers.