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Governance โ€‹


Introduction โ€‹

This is a community based project and we want the community to play a major part in it's evolution. Setting up a governance system will be social experiment, continually evolving until a suitable system is found by the community.

Rxelm Leaders/Managers โ€‹

Project leads from partner projects have the final say when it comes to their rxelm but as project leads are often already very busy with their own project, we think it may make sense to introduce a rxelm leader option. We may create a way that rxelminians from a rxelm can vote in a rxelm leader, a rxelm leader would have direct access to our team. All rxelms are considered ongoing projects that will evolve over time, shaped by the desires of each community.

The Counsel โ€‹

Thereโ€™s a rxelms counsel to ensure the integrity of the world and help direct it, this counsel will be built up over time and made up of community members that see the importance of doing this well. The counsel only have the power to form ideas to present to the rxelms team and the community.

Voting โ€‹

Voting will eventually play a lead role in directing the project, one day getting to a place where most decisions are made by the community. Voting will require locking up spaces and tokens for voting weight. We see the governance of rxelms as being a social experiment, itโ€™ll be an evolving thing until we, the community, find something that works.

UUBI โ€‹

Unconditional universal basic income (UUBI). Initially It will work in a similar way to how the current NFT airdrop program works, rxelminians (space owners) will be eligible for weekly NIKO drops for every space (NFT) they own. Eventually the UUBI program will also require rxelminians to vote.