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Systems Overview ​


The world will run on the Algorand blockchain and is being developed using Unity. The builder/spaces system will be separate to the world system however they will be connected via a loading screen. To enter a space from within the world you’ll walk up to the door of a building or enter a lift or lobby, you’ll then be given a user interface that will show you all of the spaces within the building, once you have chosen the space you’d like to visit you’ll go through the loading screen that takes you to the space.

Opensource ​

Where possible we plan to open source, we hope to create a culture of sharing.

Mint-as-you-go ​

To optimise the in flow of NFT assets to the metaverse we'll be providing a system that only mints the asset to the blockchain when the aquisition of the asset takes place. There will be a minting and storage fee of 1 ALGO.

NFDomains ​

NFDs will provide the the basis of player profiles. More on this to come.

Interoperability ​

This is a cross-chain project. We are building a wallet custodial system that will allow for rxelms to recognise NFTs from all of the major blockchains. More on this to come.

Email Sign-Up ​

People who don't own a crypto wallet will be able to create a profile using out wallet custody system.