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Builder โ€‹


We'll be introducing a Builder for rxelms, designed to empower creators and users with extensive customisation options for their virtual spaces.

Customisation Options โ€‹

The builder will be used by rxelminians to customise their space, the rxelms team will be constantly coming up with free, NFT based assets to make the customisation experience more in depth. Weโ€™ll also allow and encourage the community to build assets for the builder. All assets that enter the builder/spaces system will be NFT based, community members that make assets for the builder will need to have the assets cleared by us before we allow them to enter the the ecosystem.

Weโ€™ll provide documentation and guides on how to create assets for rxelms. Some examples of assets that you may see in the builder tool could be picture frames that allow for NFTs to be uploaded into them, lighting, furniture, decorations, etc. Once a community member has their created asset cleared, itโ€™ll then be able to enter the rxelms ecosystem.