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Mini Games โ€‹


First Person Shooter (FPS) โ€‹

Weโ€™re building a basic first person shooter to keep the community entertained while we build the rxelms. People will only be able to select NFT based characters if they own the corresponding NFT. The rxelms FPS mini game will allow for community made, NFT based weapons, weapon skins and poses/emotes. Weโ€™ll provide documentation and guides on how the community can take part in the creation of these items. People who donโ€™t own an NFT from a rxelms partner project will be able to select a humanoid character.

We plan on working with NFT project leads/managers and the community in general to develop unique characteristics for the in-game play style of each character, things like special weapons, speed, agility, strength, etc. Over-time we hope this will create a fun, fair and competitive game. Maybe those MNGO/Vlad, limited edition sneakers make you run a little faster in the FPS. The FPS will also have a play to earn aspect. Project managers will be given the option to allow their rxelm to be used as a map for the FPS, we may look at ways to add another revenue stream for partner projects by giving them a cut of any token exchanges that occur through the FPS mini-game.

Future Mini-Games โ€‹

We're also looking into developing two other mini-games, a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat style game and a Twisted Metal style game. This is not confirmed yet.