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There will be 2 categories of avatars: avatars based on NFT characters and our own basic humanoid avatars.

Humanoid Avatars

The female and male humanoid base character will not be NFT based, we'll provide a selection of completely free avatars to use. Customisation of hair, body shape, and facial features will be possible for the humanoid avatars. Asides from the free humanoid avatars that come already dressed, you'll also be able to aquire NFT based apparel items for these characters. There'll always be some semi-free clothing items available but they will come with a creation/minting cost of 1 ALGO.

NFT Characters

NFT-based character avatars will only be accessible if you own a corresponding NFT from the specific series. The apparel items/traits for these characters will be NFT-based. rxelms will provide each NFT partner project with 5-10 traits through our whitelist system. Leaders/managers of partner projects will be able to add addresses to these whitelists so that the attributes can be claimed. We will also provide an in-game option where these attributes can be claimed if the partner project wishes this to happen.

Community Involvement


Community members will be able to create clothing items for both humanoid avatars and NFT-based character avatars. Both sets of assets will need approval from rxelms before they can enter the economy; clothing items for NFT characters will also need approval from the NFT project they were designed for.